Make Your Beard the Best It Can Be: 10 Benefits of Using a Beard Oil

Make Your Beard the Best It Can Be: 10 Benefits of Using a Beard Oil

The beard oil has become a staple in the modern man's bathroom. The idea of using it is not new, but its popularity now is! It was once only used by men who had long beards or those who wanted to grow one. Now, even men with stubble are finding that beard oil can make their facial hair look and feel healthier and more attractive. But what exactly does it do? Beard oils provide a number of benefits for your skin and hair. Read on to learn ten benefits that you may have never heard about before!

Benefits of Using a Beard Oil:

  • It Moisturizes the Skin, Which is Important for Healthy Looking Hair and Facial Hair. The skin under your beard needs moisture as well! If you are using a moisturizer or body lotion on your face (which we recommend!), it's important to add some type of moisturizer under your beard too.
  • It Provides a Layer of Protection Between the Skin and Your Beard: A layer of protection is important to keep skin healthy, prevent acne breakouts, and have an even skin tone. The natural oils in beard oil can help protect your face from bacteria that may be found on facial hair such as dandruff, bacteria, or ingrown hairs.
  • It Prevents Dandruff and Acne: The skin under the beard is a lot like any other part of your body that has hair on it — prone to dryness, dandruff build up, and even acne breakouts! Regular use of beard oil will reduce these issues because it helps your skin stay moisturized.
  • It Prevents Ingrown Hairs: If you are noticing small red bumps under your beard that don't go away, it may be an ingrown hair. These little guys can show up when the facial hair is too dry and brittle or when there's not enough moisture from lotion applied to the face. Ingrown hairs can be a painful and embarrassing problem, but beard oil helps reduce the irritation.
  • It Helps Make Your Beard Shine: Beards are just like your hair — they need to be brushed! The natural oils in beard oil make it so that you don't have to use any other product to get your facial hair looking shiny and healthy.
  • It Keeps Your Beard from Becoming Stiff: Conditioner is a great way to reduce the dryness of your hair, but it can't work miracles on beard hairs that are always in danger of becoming brittle or stiff. The natural oils found in beard oil provide an extra layer of moisture that helps keep facial hair soft and easy to manage.
  • It Helps Your Beard Grow: The natural oils found in beard oil work like an all-natural hair conditioner, which promotes healthy growth of facial hair and prevents it from becoming brittle or breaking off too easily.
  • It Makes Facial Hair Appear Thicker: Have you ever felt insecure about how thin your beard is? In a world of beards, sometimes it's hard to feel like you measure up. A few drops of beard oil can make your facial hair look thicker and more full — even if it isn't!
  • It Smells Great: You want people close to you to enjoy the scent that radiates from your face, not gag in disgust! Well-made beard oil has the ability to make your beard smell great without any added fragrance. The natural oils and butter in a high-quality beard products will leave your face smelling like a man should — just as nature intended.
  • It Makes Your Beard Feel Soft: When you use good beard oil, it makes your facial hair feel soft and conditioned. It helps prevent your beard from becoming stiff, which can make it more difficult to style or keep looking neat all day long.
  • It Helps Prevent Beardruff: If you are noticing small flakes of dried sweat or dead skin mixed with dandruff at the base of your neck, that's probably beardruff! It happens when your beard is too dry and the skin below it becomes irritated. Regular use of a quality beard oil will help prevent this from happening because it provides an extra layer of moisture that makes your facial hair healthier.

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Beard oil is not just a trend, it's an essential product for any man that wants to have the best beard possible. The benefits go beyond making your guy smell nice and shiny--beard oil actually helps prevent ingrown hairs, dandruff, dry skin under the facial hair, acne breakouts-the list goes on! Whether you're trying to grow out your beard or maintain the one you've already grown in fully, using this natural product will make all of your efforts much more effective.

So if you haven't started yet or are considering giving up because it seems like too many products at once (don't worry we understand!), consider adding some Savage Man Grooming beard oil into your routine today. It may be just what you need to reach the next

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