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5 Best Long Beard Styles For Any Man

If you have the patience to grow a beard, then congratulations. You are one of few who dares to face the difficulties and challenges of having a long beard. 

Maintaining a long beard can be challenging because it requires more attention than other types of hair growth. 

Longer facial hairs, such as those on the face or neck area, require that you take extra care in making sure your skin is clean and moisturized and healthy with proper hygiene practices.

Learn in this article how to style a long beard and what type of beard style is suited for you. Consider the factors below to get that savage look for your beard.

Men’s Long Beard Styles

The long beard has made a comeback! But be careful - it requires more maintenance than traditional facial hair if you want your skin and locks to look their best.

The best way to keep your facial hair in tip-top shape is by using quality shampoo and soap. Not only will it leave you with a clean smelling beard, but also silky soft skin.

Maintaining a long takes some work because they require extra care and attention to ensure that your beard is styled, not itchy, & more importantly, looks good.

Since it's on the face, which is one of our most sensitive areas in terms of skin health, keeping your facial scruff clean should be a priority. A good way to do this would be by washing with warm water every day or before going out.

Elements to Consider for Picking the Right Style For Your Long Beard

If you're here looking for the right beard style, then let's get into some options. The first thing is to know your facial features and then pick out one that suits you best.

A beard is one of the best ways to express your personality, and it can be tricky if you don't know how certain styles work for different facial shapes. 

This guide will tell you what measurements you need to consider in choosing the right long-beard style that fits well on all face shapes. Here are some of the examples:

  • Face length – what we call "the length" is from the top to the bottom of your face. You can measure or determine the length from the center of your hairline to the end of your chin.
  • Jawline – From the angle of your chin, follow its angle upward towards the direction of your ear. Once you have measured one side, multiply by two for full measurement.
  • Cheekbones – This is the structure of the skin below your chin.
  • Forehead – Above the eyebrows. Measure this from one end to the other.


  • Oval Shaped Faces

People with an oval-shaped face have a rounded jawline, a long and narrow visage that extends from their cheekbones to the sides of the head. The forehead is said to be longer than what would typically fit on top of this particular feature, making for some very elegant features in comparison.

The oval face shape is the most versatile, and it can be seen in many different beard styles. You'll still look great with your desired hairstyle, even if you have a round or square one.

  • Rectangular Shaped Faces

The long beard styles are a great way to cover up that rectangular face. These beards come in all shapes and sizes, so there's one for every occasion! The best part? 

Grooming your mane is an essential part of looking good. You don't have to go all out or use fancy products. Just make sure that you style it in a way that matches the outfit today and makes others know who's the top dog around these parts.

The long beard styles work best for rectangular faces. These include:

  • The Boss
  • Bandholz
  • Verdi


  • Triangular Shaped Faces

Triangular face shapes have a jawline measurement greater than the cheekbones and forehead. If you have a triangular face, the best beard style for your features would be:

  • The Garibaldi
  • Hipster
  • The Boss

  • Round Shaped Faces

Those of you with round faces have a softer jawline than most people. Also, your cheekbones and face length are larger than the forehead while being roughly similar in size to that of an average human's overall head or facial structure.

A clean beard for round-faced people should have sharp edges that are balanced by the softness of their features. There are many styles to consider, including:

  • Polished
  • Picture-perfect
  • Razor-sharp

Long Beard Styles You Want

Ready for a beard now? Check out some of the many funky styles that you may relish!

  1. Bold Shaped Beard

A bearded man's signature look is a well-groomed face that includes the perfect amount of facial hair, from neatly groomed sideburns and mustache to how it is shaped with an off-centered cut.

  • Hipster Beard

A hipster looks beard, the facial hair once again begins in the sideburns and has been grown out. The mustache is quite long and has been combed out into the beard. The thick hair should be round.

  • Long and Full

The long beard is back in style, and this time, it's not just for mountain men. 

The full look completely covers up the jawline while still looking natural, with a trim that follows along all around your face to give you an outline of what could be considered "proper" proportions when sporting one.

  • Chinstrap Beard

The thickness of your beard is the key to maintaining that swanky look. With a light or thick chin strap, you'll be able to define your jawline without looking like someone with an unruly mess on their face!

Look Savage With Your Long Beard

Once you decide what long beard style is great for you, it is essential to take good care of and maintain that sleek and good-looking beard all day.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’re probably familiar with Savage Man Grooming. We offer savage beard bundles that can keep your beard looking fresh and smelling superb.

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