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7 Ways To Grow Your Beard Faster

Want to grow a beard faster? You're not alone. Several men struggle with slow-growing facial hair. While there's no magic pill that'll help you develop an impressive facial hair overnight, we've got some tricks up our sleeve on how to grow beard faster.

Though facial hair growth depends on your genetics, there are a few tricks you can use to maximize the potential for increased thickness by practicing beard care and making other lifestyle changes. 

Believe it or not, eating healthier foods like fruits or vegetables, which contain biotin that promotes good healthy skin cells and support hair growth, can help your beard grow faster.

This article will discuss ways to help you grow your beard in a significant amount of time. Learn how you can maintain your beard by using beard essentials.

Are Beards an Expression of Masculinity and Maturity?

Some men grow full beards to show their virility and superiority over others. One type of this particular style is usually in academic circles, where it's groomed well but thick with bushy hair on top that covers most or all of your face except for an uncovered area around the mouth.

Men are often stereotyped in the media. They have to be strong, intellectual, and good-looking at once! 

Men who grow beards may have been doing so since the 16th century, but it's only recently that we've seen them as identifying traits.

The beard has always been attached to manliness and toughness in some cultures. However, its use for identification purposes is far more modern than you might think. 

For centuries before this time and well into modern times, men without facial hair were considered less manly or masculine than those sporting some beard - which is why Mustachios became popular in mid-19th century America

However, with all due respect to our philosophical ancestors here, today: women can't help themselves when they see something attractive.

The full beard has been a male beauty trend for centuries. It's no wonder that the most iconic look associated with men are those who choose to be bearded and rugged like their lifelong icons.

A Healthy and Easy Way To Grow Beard

Growing a beard is all about the lifestyle you lead. Whether it is for your first time, or if trying to fill out an area that has been patchy-bearded (i.e., not having much facial hair), there is no magic supplement—and we will get into exactly how you can solve this.

Growing a beard is all about patience, perseverance, and moisturizing. If you want in on this trifecta of benefits, then follow these seven ways to learn how to naturally grow your beard faster:

  • Keep a Good Skincare Regimen

  • You need to make sure that your pores are getting clean and healthy, so they can do a good job of absorbing the natural oils from within. Cleanse twice daily- once in the morning before breakfast time. Then again, at night, right before bedtime.

    Twice a week, follow this routine with the help of an exfoliating scrub. Buff away dead skin cells that clog pores and cause breakouts to create a smoother-looking complexion in just one month. 

    Two words: Beard Oil. The best way to get a smooth and healthy beard is by applying oil regularly. It not only helps your skin be fresh but also sets the pace for healthier hair growth.

  • Vitamin B Supplements

  • With the right nutrients, your hair could grow faster. One that could help is biotin (vitamin B7). If you want to give it a boost and get that stronger growth in less time than normal, then ask for 2-5mg daily doses of this vitamin.

    The biotin you are taking should keep your hair, skin, and nails looking healthy. It will also help them grow stronger and healthier. 

    The best way to stay healthy is by adding some vitamin B-rich foods into your diet. These vitamins help our bodies produce proteins that direct how fast or slow something grows, which affects everything from metabolism rates down to their physical appearance.

  • Drink

  • When you are well hydrated, your entire body functions more closely to its optimum state. It includes skin quality improvement and increased energy levels, for starters.

    The health of your beard is essential, which means making sure you drink enough water every day. A lack of hydration can lead not only to slower growth but also coarse and drier beards. 

    So have at least eight glasses of water each day drinking safely throughout the course- keeping that facial hair properly moisturized will help keep it looking its best too.

  • Get Enough Sleep

  • The best way to improve your health is by getting enough sleep. We all know how important it is for cells in our bodies and their repair, but did you also realize that a lack of rest can lead to illness. 

    Without proper downtime, your body's natural processes can not happen. You need at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to make sure that you are getting enough rest.

    When you don't get enough sleep, your body's circulation slows down, and fewer nutrients can reach their destination. 

    The hair on your head and everything below it is essential. Not only does a lack of vitamins lead to thinning, but an under-active thyroid also makes you more susceptible to male pattern baldness.

  • Avoid Trimming
  • beard clippers to grow faster beard

    Don't trim your beard! If you want to grow it long, defy the urge and let nature take its course. 

    When multiple weeks pass with no shaving or grooming (4-6), check-in for any signs that might mean an allergic reaction, like itching around follicles on skin exposed by longer facial hair lengths could indicate dryness from irritation.

  • Manageably Handle Stress 

  • If you want to grow a sexy beard, then your skin must have time to fully recover from the rigors of daily life. And one way we can help them out with this process is by promoting relaxation and stress management techniques.

    A healthy lifestyle with more restful nights will also increase hair thickness in men's beards over time.

  • Check Some Ingrown Hairs

  • Some men suffer from ingrown hairs on their faces, which can be caused by various factors. The most common issue is dryness and/or acne breakouts since these two types of inflammation easily lead to an infection in the thicker areas near your beard follicles. 

    It is where bacteria thrive best due to our natural oils not being able to fully penetrate, so they get irritated quickly. 

    If you want the perfect face, it's important to exfoliate regularly. Regularly removing dead skin cells and debris from your pores can help prevent ingrown beard hairs or other problems with a facial complexion.

    Grow Your Savage Beard as Fast as Quicksilver

    It's common for beard lovers to ask the question, "How to grow beard faster?" There is no real evidence that using beard care products is an easy way to grow beard, bushier face hair, but it can make the itchy stage more comfortable and give your clean-shaven look some improvements.

    Beards look great on men of all ages, but they can be a bit tricky to manage. Most importantly, you want your facial hair in tip-top shape, so it doesn't interfere with shaving or make life difficult when maintaining in early stages like stubble that forms after showering and day-old growth from not washing your face at night. Beard oils from Savage Man Grooming will help keep them soft without being greasy.

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