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Sculpt Your Hair With The Best Pomade For Men

There’s a reason why the word “pomade” has been around for so long, and it sure does have something to do with its interesting history.

Perhaps you have heard of the pomade? Well, we are not here to discuss that. We want to help get the most out of what some see as an excellent solution for taming unruly locks and keeping your head looking sleek with just one look (hesitate).

Pomade is the type of hair product that you might think was just for greasers in old movies. You grew up in the era of gelled spikes, mohawks, and other rock 'n' roll hairstyles, but you want a product that can help you look professional but savagely good at the same time.

Let's talk about what Pomade is, and what type of pomade is best for you. Choose the best brand of pomade to use and make your hairstyle look savage.

Getting To Know Pomade

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Pomade is the perfect styling product for all of your needs. Whether you are looking to create a more modern look or want something that will hold up in harsh weather conditions, there's a water-based pomade, designed with what YOU need.

Let’s Go Back in Time

The use of pomade as a styling product dates back centuries. Pomade is the stuff that prevents your hair from going flat and greasy, especially if it was made originally with bear fat or other animal products. 

In more recent times, though, you would find petroleum-based oils replacing lard in some types during the 19th century.

At the turn of the 20th century, hair pomade entered mainstream popularity. Movie stars like Cary Grant and Rudolph Valentino started to wear combed-over hairstyles that many men tried out with their product using this type of grease to emulate their looks after World War II-era. 

Teenagers began liking it, not just because they loved greasy-looking locks but also due to its relation to rock 'n' roll culture.

Types of Pomade

There are various pomades for you to choose from, and each has its unique pros. It's essential that the product matches your hair type- if not better than what kind it is currently. Below are the top 3 types of pomade:


With water-based pomade, you can achieve a sleek look that is easy to style. This formula washes out in just one shower and will not leave any residue behind, making it perfect for those who want their hair looking clean but still natural, unlike oil-based.

However, water evaporates quickly. And when it does, you have to wash and style again if you do not like it.

Water-based pomades provide great hold and texture, but they cannot be easily combed throughout the day. This inflexibility could cause problems on windy days or when it rains because you would not have a chance to style your hair.

Water-based pomade is best for maintaining quiffs and comb-overs because it has enough hold to support taller hairstyles.


The beauty of oil-based pomade is its “oiliness” depends on how much you dare use. Some people like a more subtle look, while others go for an "all over" greasy head situation.

It is easy to see why oil-based hair pomades are so popular. With their high shine and sleek look, they give your locks a natural feel.

While petroleum jelly does not moisturize your hair, it creates a protective coating that locks in existing moisture and reduces the appearance of split ends. You can also use this type of pomade to straighten out curly or wavy textures.

Not only does it add a healthy radiance to your mane, but the best option for men who want fresh looks throughout their day. Because petroleum does not dry out and be combed through easily without any stiffness, it makes styling time more difficult than usual.

Oil-based pomade is a tough nut to crack. It can be difficult, time-consuming, and even tricky depending on how much product there was in the first place. Oil-based products will often require multiple washes before they are fully removed.

An oil-based pomade is a great choice for slick-back hairstyles like the ducktail and pompadour.


For medium hold and matte finish, wax-based pomade is your best bet.

Waxing your hair can be a tough decision. The addition of wax gives you more natural-looking locks with the matte finish and adds some texture for a perfect edgy look. 

However, most men prefer oil-based pomades over those created from synthetic products such as gel or discipline because they do not leave behind any crunchy feeling on their strands after application.

Wax-based pomade is challenging to rework once it’s dry. It limits the styling options you have in a short amount of time but makes sure that your hair stays put all day long.

Have you always wanted or done messy hair? Wax-based pomade is an effective type of wax that cleans up your bedhead without any evidence of trying too hard.

What’s Your Type?

It is a question that has no simple answer. However, we can get pretty close to understanding what works for each person based on their individual needs and wants to style curly hair. It differs from one head of locks style-wise to another’s due, simply because everyone is different.

Popular Pomade Styles

Pomade is a popular hair product that can achieve many different styles. Here are some of the most common hairstyles you might see pomade users sporting:

  • Pompadour – The most iconic hairstyle in history is Elvis Presley, bringing long locks above the forehead into a large curl or wave. Oil and wax-based pomades make this style look professional with sleek lines that will never go out of style.
  • Quiff – Quiff hairstyles have been popular for decades, and it is no surprise why. The name comes from the word "quiver," which refers to an arrows' feathers pointing up or flurry of snow coming down in a quick burst; they both convey motion but with different connotations depending on how you look at them. This type of style is great if your hair tends towards longer lengths.
  • Ducktail – Get the sleek, clean look you crave with this men's hairstyle. The back of straight hair is where it will be most noticeable, so keep that area well-groomed by using oil-based pomade to slick down your tresses and finish in style.
  • Spiky – For short hair, a stronghold is necessary. To create it with wax or water-based pomade, grab your strands between thumb and forefinger, then pull straight up to get an even look all over.
  • Bedhead – For an effortless yet stylish look that says, “I just rolled out of bed like this.” Use wax-based pomade. Coat your hair in the product and tussle up those locks for maximum hold without looking too messy or dirty.
  • Natural waves – If you prefer adding texture and height, wax-based pomades are the best and first choice. You can apply it to your hair with a comb before styling to achieve that flawless look.

Pomade That’s Right For You

Pomade is a versatile product. It can be used for anything from styling your hair to making it stickless on the best pomade brands in town. Fashionable yet functional - what more could you ask?

There are lots of options when it comes to pomades, but which one will work for you? The answer ultimately depends on your hair type and style.

But one thing is for sure. Savage Man Grooming has a pomade for men that answers all your hairstyle problems. A water-based pomade that helps you feel good about your hair every day.

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