What is Pomade? Your Guide To The Best Hair Product

What is Pomade? Your Guide To The Best Hair Product

It is true. Anything can make a comeback at any time. Take vinyl records, for instance - they are experiencing something of an upswing in popularity now that streaming services like Spotify have virtually replaced them as the way we listen to music these days.

One of the most popular hair products from decades past has made a comeback: pomade. What is pomade for your hair? Hair pomades are typically used for slicked back or side-parted looks.

But what is hair pomade, how do you use it, and what is the best pomade for your hair? Learn all this information in this article, and let's find out if you need hair pomade or not.

Get Ready For Pomade

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Pomade is a modified cream that creates the perfect high shine for neat, slicked-back styles. Wax and clays are best suited to textured hairstyles with a more matte finish than this product can offer in its pure form but still provides medium-to-strong hold.

Pomades are used to style hair and have been around since the early 20th century. It was also common for men in those days to use petroleum jelly or lard as opposed to what we know today's pomade made from chemicals such as glycerin, waxes, oils (such olive), etcetera. 

Luckily, though, these products weren't so different back then because they too were made with animal fat sources which are not something most modern-day consumers would want on their heads.

Get To Know Pomade More

Pomades are an ancient styling product that has been around since 500 AD. From the French word for ointment, they were originally used as a hair treatment before becoming one of many types of styles in which people wear their locks. 

And not just to slick back but also with rougher looks like texture-heavy versatility.

The 1930s saw the introduction of some popular hair products. Movie stars like Cary Grant and Rudolph Valentino started sporting combed-over looks that many men mimicked using this pomade. 

And it continued to grow in popularity during World War II as teenagers took an interest in its use among both races due to shortages of other products or simply wanting something new.

Pomade That’s Meant For You

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The effects of hairstyle can be changed with the help of a pomade. Pomades come in many different forms, depending on your needs and preferences for them to work best, like water-based or oil ones, which protect against humidity by adding shine to them. 

Discover all other types of pomade that you may encounter along the way.

Oil Based

Oil-based pomades are an old-school classic that never goes out of style. The secret to their success is in how much you use: too little, and they lack staying power, but when applied correctly with enough product for control, oil can make any hairstyle pop.

The high shine of oil-based hair pomade is thanks to a key ingredient: petroleum jelly. You may know this as the spread you put on bread or biscuits, but in fact, it is very similar indeed.

While petroleum jelly does not moisturize your hair, it does create a protective coating. This type of pomade can also be used to straighten out curly or wavy locks as well.

Not only will you have that perfect blowout every time, but this is also an excellent option if you want to change up your style throughout the day. 

Because petroleum never dries out on hair and can be combed through easily without risk of damage or discomfort due to its gel-like consistency, men with long locks should consider using a styling product like hairspray to keep things looking fresh all around.

The downside to oil-based pomade is that it can take several washes before the product leaves your hair in its natural state. 

The shampoo doesn't always do enough and may even make matters worse by adding excess residue on top of what's already there, which could lead to tangling during styling or sweating from excessive humidity levels later into an event day.

Water Based Pomade

Water-based pomade is our preferable choice to oil because it is easier to remove. Washing your hair only takes about 10 minutes, and you can go on with business as usual, unlike the hard-to-remove residue left behind by an oil-based product that will take hours of scrubbing or scratching.

At times, water may have dried in your hair. If this happens and you are not satisfied with the style it has taken on after drying, then be sure to wash it again.

Water-based pomade can be a great option for those who want their hair to hold shape all day, but it is not as versatile. If you have windy days or if there is rain, then prepare yourself. Your style will go awry before long.

Water-based pomade is best for styling with a quiff or combover. It holds your hair well and also doesn't weigh it down, which makes this the perfect product to use when you're looking to make sure that everything stays put in an up-looking style all day long.


A high shine hairstyle is not for everyone. 

The addition of wax gives your hair a more natural matte look and adds texture, but if you want a stronger hold than oil-based pomade can provide, then this product might not be right for you because it is not as strong on top coatings as mousse or gel in comparison to other types.

Wax-based pomade doesn't dry out as quickly or hold a style for longer than water-based products, but it does provide an advantage of not having to retouch your hair.

Messy hair is in right now, and you know what they say: " mess with it to make it work." Wax-based pomade will keep your bedhead looking natural without making a fuss about how much time or effort was put into achieving that look.


Putty, paste, or hair clay is a hybrid of pomade and gel. It can be put on like any other styling product but will not hold the same as gels do when you are done working with it to preserve that sleek look all day long. 

Great for adding texture and structure, giving your unruly locks more control over their natural wave pattern.

Clay pomade is a bit more challenging to wash out than water-based or wax but easier when compared with oil-based pomades.


Fiber pomades are usually water-based, but they’re very thick. They come with fibers that add a texturizing effect and more flexibility than greases. 

Their weight is also less than traditional oils. The matte finish makes this product preferred among men who want messy hair without all those flyaways in your eyes or heavy humidity on top of you.

Fiber Pomade is a product for men who value their time. It takes longer than most products to dry, so be prepared and have extra paper towels on hand or bring an umbrella. Once applied, this stuff does not move, not even when you rub your hands through it later in the day.

The Best Pomade For Your Hair

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When searching for the best pomade, many factors will determine your answer. The most important of these is hair type and desired style, as this dictates how often you can use it or if it's safe in certain circumstances, such as swimming with a dry shampoo product applied.

Learn what kind of pomade is best suitable for your hair:

Thick Hair

The best pomade for thick hair is undoubtedly a water-based one. With so much weighing on top of your locks, it’s essential to find something strong enough and hold it all day long.

We have the perfect solution for you if your hair is not oily enough or needs more shine. Try our water-based pomade, made with hydrogenated waxes and oils. 

Savage Man Grooming's pomade can moisturize the strands while offering a super strong hold and medium sheen, thanks to its scientific combination. 

Wavy Hair

Pomades are a great way to add life and shine to your hair. Pomade is best for wavy textures but can also be used by men with straighter strands. If you want to achieve the perfect style, your hair must keep its moisture and elasticity. 

With this in mind, two things should come first: A protective protein layer on top of each strand called  malleable hold and a moisturizing oil or lotion applied every time before styling to dry out any strands from getting frizzy.

Short Hair 

A water-based pomade will provide the best combination of hold and shine. Medium consistency is perfect for achieving that sleek look without feeling too heavy or greasy on your hair while still providing plenty to style through products such as cornrows or dreadlocks.

Is Pomade Destined For Your Hair?

Picking a perfect hair product is hard, but if you want to take your style up another notch, then there's nothing better than pomade from Savage Man Grooming

Pomades can be used for all sorts of purposes and give any hairstyle or length that extra something special. We hope that we have provided you with the answer to your question, "What is hair pomade?"

There is a wide variety of pomades available, and each comes with its own set of styles. The question becomes: which one will work for you? Ultimately, it's all about what type of look you want that should dictate your decision.

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