12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway Story!

The Savage Man was something of legend in the village, half his time working at the mill and the other half hunting. It wasn't hard to spot him from a distance because he had this wild hair and beard that would make any woman's heart skip a beat, but one day he met someone else who felt like she could love him for what he really was. "I want to take you out," she said, "but I need you clean." 

She took him down to the local market where they found all sorts of natural oils and scents. Together they mixed them up into a magical concoction that made The Savage Man smell and look better than ever before. Savage Man looked good. The woman had really outdone herself in this one, but it wasn't the only thing Savage Man learned from her. She had taught him about essential oils and natural ingredients to keep him looking and smelling amazing. 

”I can't believe that this is happening!" said the Savage Man as he got ready for his first date with the beautiful woman. "She's perfect, isn't she?" He had asked his best friend (who happened to be a dog), who was sitting on a bench in front of the mirror. The dog panted as Savage Man continued to add oils & balms to his beard before sweeping it back into place. They were getting ready for Savage Man’s first date with the beautiful woman.

Savage Man walked to the beautiful woman's house for their first date, of many more that came after. Their love for each other grew, and they got married and had children. Those kids continued to pass down the recipes for the oils, balms, conditioners & hair gels that got the original savage man that first date. 

And that’s why we do our 12 days of Christmas, to pass along the tradition of giving during the holiday season. 

So, every year, we do our own Savage Christmas giveaway to 12 lucky winners (for the 12 days of Christmas). We feel like the last few years have been pretty weird for everyone & we want to thank our followers and fellow beardsman!

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