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Deluxe Hair and Beard Bundle

Deluxe Hair and Beard Bundle

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Our Deluxe Hair and Beard Bundle is your go-to solution for top-tier grooming. This deluxe set includes our water-based Hair Pomade, Noble Beard Balm, Cedar Vanilla Blend Beard Oil, and a high-quality Beard Brush.

  • Water-Based Hair Pomade: Achieve the perfect hairstyle with our easy-to-apply pomade, offering a strong hold without the stiffness or residue.

  • Noble Beard Balm: Enriched with natural ingredients, this balm keeps your beard conditioned, tamed, and styled to perfection.

  • Cedar Vanilla Blend Beard Oil: Our signature blend nourishes your beard, leaving it irresistibly soft with a captivating scent that lasts all day.

  • Premium Beard Brush: Crafted for excellence, this brush ensures even distribution of products, enhancing your beard's health and appearance.

With the Savage Man Deluxe Bundle, streamline your grooming routine while ensuring your hair and beard look their absolute best.

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